Sunday, January 27, 2008

2008 Day Twenty Seven

Please make it STOP! It has been snowing hard since 11:00 am yesterday. I am looking out at 14" of snow. My car would not make it out of the driveway - nevermind that I could not get off the street where I live. It's been only 2 days and I am already showing signs of cabin fever! I did not make it out yesterday to the places I had planned on going. I did make plans with Lorna to meet next Saturday.

M had to work today because too many people called in sick over in Bellevue. His boss called and asked if he would come in early because of the weather and so many people stranded and stuck. He called when he got there and said the roads are horrible and will probably turn to ice tonight.

Did I pick the best monday ever to take a vacation day? I think YES! He may have to drive to me to work on Tuesday if the roads aren't any better. I am also glad I changed jobs when i did last year. I talked with Karen, my old friend from my last employment, and she was telling me how the place has changed and not in a good way. My guardian angel was working overtime to urge me to change jobs. The psychic said my angel's name is Joyce. So I say to you Joyce, thank you for watching over me and guiding me in the right direction.

Still working on the same projects I was working on yesterday while watching the snow coming down covering everything. It will definitely take awhile for all this to melt away.

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Betty said...

I'll say you did pick a good day to be off work. I can't imagine that much snow, especially when it was mid 50's here in middle Tn.

Love the pictures.