Tuesday, January 29, 2008

2008 Day Twenty Nine

OMG MORE SNOW! I made it to work okay. I found out yesterday that 30 people called off. There was 100 in que all day. I definitely picked a good day to be on vacation. Today was not much better, with all the schools being closed. So it was steady busy and time just flew by.

When I left the building and walked out to find my car it was buried in 6 inches of snow. It took 30 minutes just to brush all the snow off Jiffy. The drive home was rough but when I got to my street I spun a 360 circle and got stuck right in front of my inlaws' house. First time in all the winters I have lived here, I got stuck. Some wonderful kids came by and pushed me enough to get going. Then I floored it to the side street. Almost got stuck again but managed to plow through it and get her into the garage. What a nightmare. And it is still snowing! Please make it stop!

But I am home now. Safe and warm. I think I will have M drive me to work tomorrow. I don't see the roads improving any time soon. I just looked out and the sun in peeking out through the clouds. It sure makes an errie brightness against all the snow.

I did not watch the state of union message last night. I chose not to get myself all worked up. Bush has gotten us in such an awful state, if I was him, I would be embarrassed to go on tv. Him and Cheney both! Partners in crime. But don't let me get started or we will never get home!

I cannot believe Ted Kennedy backs Obama. Unbelievable! I'm still backing Edwards. I got an invite to Democratic Pre-caucus party on Friday night and I'm thinking of going. That is if the roads are any better by then.

This afternoon I'm working on my beading projects, visiting my favorite blogs and watch some tv. I may even work on my cookbook a little.

She had no idea how magical, how reassuring,
How pleasurable her simple meat loaf was for me,
What a delight even lumpy mashed potatoes were….
Anthony Bourdain, Kitchen Confidential

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Betty said...

My hubby would like to see Edwards on the Democratic ticket, but he says he won't vote for him in the primary because he is so far behind that his vote wouldn't make any difference. Also, we think if Edwards ends up pulling out of the race, then all of his votes would probably go to Obama. How scary is that!!! If Obama gets on the ticket, them Ed and I both will vote Republican. Ed despises Bush, and we both agree he's the worse President this country has ever seen. We are definitely ready for a change, but I hope it's not Obama.

I'm glad you made it home safe and sound. As much as I love snow, I wouldn't want as much as you all have been getting.

Come on to Nashville. We'll have fun. I'm a lot older than you, but I act like a kid, lol.

I would like to send you a personal email if that's okay. My email is hyder2u@aol.com if you want to send me an email so I'll have your email address if that's okay. I think I looked for your email on your site but didn't see it.

Stay safe on those roads.