Thursday, January 17, 2008

2008 Day Seventeen

Another day of no snow but it so cold. The ice will not melt being this cold. The roads are clear which is nice.

We had our team meeting today. I wore my new necklace that I made. Holly asked if I would make her one with white beads.

After work I returned books to the library. I tried to find the book, "The Secret Lives of Bees" but they didn't have it. I was surprised. Maybe I do not have the name right.

Regarding the murderer marine - I guess his wife had knowledge of his crime and waited to call the police - so he could make his getaway. I would call her an accomplice. Maybe as a plea bargain she can help in locating him down in Mexico.

Thirteen Things about Saoirse

13 Home Improvements We Would Do - If Money Was No Object

1.... Push the kitchen out 8 feet and do a total remodel, including island, new floor and marble countertops.

2. Add a second story onto the garage and make it my art studio.

3. Build a pergola over the hot tub.

4. Replace the deck with one made of western red cedar.

5. Install flower boxes on the front of the house windows.

6. Install shutters on the front of the house windows.

7. Take out the pine trees and replace with full grown hardwood trees.

8. Install a new privacy fence around the back yard.

9. Carpet with double pad the whole upstairs.

10. Hang custom artwork on all the walls throughout the house.

11. Convert from oil heat to gas heat.

12. Push the bathroom out 6-8 feet and install a rock star shower.

13. Install a new rounded front door.

And the list could go on and on...

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1 comment:

Betty said...

I agree with you. I think the marine's wife should be charged with being an accompice to murder.