Sunday, January 20, 2008

2008 Day Twenty

Just a nice lazy day at home. It snowed all night, but, the sun came out today. Bright and sunny all day with a chilly swift wind that blew the snow off the trees and roof. I guess we should prepare for the artic blast to come.

I got up early and then went back to bed and slept till noon. Our friend Gordon came by for a visit. We had not seen him in awhile, so, we were happy to see him doing well.

My only goal today is to finish the necklace I am making for Holly.

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Betty said...

It is cold here, too, down in the teens for an overnight low. Brrrr, but still no snow here. I'm wishing.

I love the pictures, especially the dove carrying the rose.

Have a good week. Don't work too hard.