Tuesday, January 22, 2008

2008 Day Twenty Two

We are in the deep freeze of winter. It was 4 degrees this morning. But at least it is not snowing. At least not till this weekend when they are predicting more snow. Just when I'm getting used to the roads being clear and drivable.

Work was busy. Time zipped by. After work I went over to Walmart. I went to the one over by my work because it is a supercenter. I realized I had not been shopping for weeks because of the weather. I needed all kinds of things. I did splurge on some big gold hoop earrings and some Red Door Perfume (my new favorite).

We watched the democratic debate last night. I wish they would concentrate on their individual goals and plans instead of attacking each other and giving the republicans ammunition for the fight ahead. I feel Obama lost last night. He appeared to be so thin skinned and not ready for the big fight yet to come. Our caucus is February 9th. I am still leaning towards John Edwards. I found Air America on my car radio. I used to listen all the time when they were on Sirius. Now I will have something worth listening to on my way home from work everyday.

The charity truck is coming tomorrow. I need to gather all the old clothes I've been putting aside and get them ready for pickup. Jusy wait till Spring when we can finish cleaning out the garage. I think I could fill up their truck.

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Betty said...

4 degrees, burrrrr!! That's cold.
It was high 30's here today.

We go to the polls February 2nd - I think it's the 2nd.

Hope you are having a good week.