Wednesday, January 16, 2008

2008 Day Sixteen

Work just zipped by because it was so busy. After work I ran a few errands and went to Wendy's and bought M some dinner and also stopped at Dutch Brothers and bought us both a mocha. Drove over to AAA and delivered him his dinner. It was so nice that the roads were clear. A little cold but having no snow was nice for a change.

I read today where the judge really let OJ have it and sent him back to jail. Perfect place for him. I also read where they think the marine murderer ran to Mexico. I plan on tonight reading up on the current extradition laws. Where is Dog, the bounty hunter when you need him. I guess after his last fiasco with the Mexican federalies he won't be doing his bounty hunting across the border. I sure hope someone does and brings this lowest form of human slime back to face the music.

I plan to do some beading tonight. I have a necklace in mind using the Green Man pendant I bought awhile ago at the bead shop in the Flour Mill.

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Betty said...

Most unusual pictures. I love them!!!

Well, O.J. is out of jail again, and I perdict that come April 7th he will get off scott free. What say you?