Tuesday, January 15, 2008

2008 Day Fifteen

All I can say about today at work, is at least its payday. I had more rude people hang up on me than any other day. It isn't like I called them selling something. They called me asking for information. Because I cannot tell them what they want to hear - they rudely hangup. Geesh...

After work I stopped at Michael's. I bought the yarn for my upcoming crochet lesson. I do not think I got the right crochet needle she told me to get. I might have to go to the yarn store to get the right size and return the ones I bought. They had some beads on sale, so I bought some of those too.

I spent the afternoon cleaning the kitchen, making the chicken enchiladas and watching tv. I watched Oprah. I read this morning that next year she will have her own televison network. Amazing!

Today is the GOP Michigan primary and the democratic debate out in Nevada. I've been watching the debate off and on. I can hear it from the office where I am now. There is a difference in each candidate, but a common thread of being a democrat runs through them.

I've been keeping up with the latest news about the marine that killed the other marine he got pregnant and then murdered, burned and buried her body. I read where they found his car at a hotel. I hope they catch him soon, so justice can begin. I am one of those people that kept up with the OJ Simpson trial (who may be finally getting his just desserts) and also the Scott Peterson trial. I felt both were guilty from the very beginning. I will probably follow this case to the end. Anyone else out there amateur sluths?

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Betty said...

First off, you know I love the pictures.

All I can say about your place of work is that I'm just glad I'm out of the work force. I hated it.

Saoirse, if you'll go to your search engine and type in crochet patterns, you will find a lot of neat things. You probably already know this, but I discovered it in the process of trying to learn to crochet.

I hope O.J. stays in jail where he belongs. That judge today was pretty strict with him.

Yes, I follow all these cases. Anytime I'm not watching a good movie at night, I'm watching Greta or Nancy Grace or maybe Larry King, although the first two report more on these mystery cases.