Thursday, January 10, 2008

2008 Day Ten

We only had snow this morning, of course when I had to drive to work. It was icy and very slippy.

Finally made it to the store when I got off work. Had to pick up prescriptions for the two of us. Probably spent too much money, always do. It's been weeks since I've shopped. I also put gas in the car. Safeway gave me 30 cents off per gallon.

I wish I felt more energetic. But i don't. The weekend is just around the corner. I will get more done then. Promise.

Thirteen Things about Saoirse

13 Favorite Breakfast Meals

1.... French Toast with Butter and Powdered Sugar

2. Waffles

3. Taco Omelette

4. German Apple Pancakes

5. Lox and Bagels

6. Oatmeal with brown sugar & butter

7. Cheerios with fruit and Cinnamon Toast

8. Country ham and Biscuits with mustard and hot sauce

9. Breakfast Burrito made with anything leftover from the night before

10. Oriental Breakfast Pork Buns

11. Blueberry Pancakes

12. Eggs over easy, crisp bacon, hash browns and english muffin

13. Joe's Special with no spinach

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Rachel said...

The snow is getting to be quite annoying, as a learning driver, I find it very frustrating. Here's to hoping we don't get much more.

Lisa said...

I love all the pictures you use on your blog - they rock! I am very lacking in energy right now, too - how is it you plan on getting energetic over the weekend? I must know your secret! LOL! ;)