Thursday, January 31, 2008

2008 Day Thirty One

I enjoyed another chauferred drive to and from work today. My pal, Barb, was back from Portland. She brought me a little bag of mixed beads. That was so sweet of her. I got the paperwork to take M off my benefits.

The roads are getting better, but, our side street is still a mess and would probably have a hard time getting Jiffy onto the main arterial. I'm hoping they will plow by Saturday so I can still go and meet Lorna.

I just finished watching "Shut Up And Sing", a documentary of the Dixie Chick hullabaloo. I never thought Natalie said anything wrong. I too am ashamed of Bush. In the first place I never felt we actually elected him as president. That first election was stolen. I think we can all agree now that Bush and company lied to get us in the war. It was his private vendetta against Saddam because "he tried to kill my daddy". It had nothing to do with 9-11. I still believe to this day if Al Gore had become president 9-11 would have never happened. It was a good documentary and I am sorry the Chicks had to pay the price that they did for using their freedom of speech. I will still buy their records, probably more than ever before.

I'm trying to ignore that I just heard on the tv that we are in for more snow... tell me I didn't just hear that? I'm hoping the roof on our garage does not cave in!


Betty said...

More snow? Oh no!!

You sound just like my husband with your comments about Bush and the war and about how Bush stole the election. I believe that, too, that Gore really won the election, but Bush's brother promised him the state of Fl.

Be safe on those roads.

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