Wednesday, February 27, 2008

2008 Day Fifty Nine

I was going to go to the credit union today and open checking accounts for both companies, but, my personal banker, Robyn is off this week. So I will put that task off until next week.

I have decided I need to lighten ship. I have so much stuff. Maybe because we are just around the corner til Spring and that spring cleaning bug is getting to me. I really need to get organized and get rid of alot of the things or stuff I just don't need. It's just trying to decide where to start.

Work was crazy as always because we had so many people who called off today. After work I stopped by the bead shop on Garland. I did not buy anything. Their prices were way to high and selection was not all that great either.

I tried to stay up and watch American Idol last night, but, I kept falling asleep. At least I DVR'd it. Maybe tonight I can stay awake for the women portion for the week.

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Aprilwine said...

I have the spring cleaning bug as well.