Monday, February 18, 2008

2008 Day Fifty

I listened to the new Jordan Sparks cd on my way to work this morning. It is truly fantastic. I am so glad I splurged and bought it.

We watched the movie, "Employee of the Month" last night. It was a lighthearted funny movie. Makes you wonder if all that kind of stuff really goes on at Costco.

The race yesterday was great. I had picked Ryan Newman as my new favorite driver after Rusty Wallace retired. Because I was heart sick when they let Kurt Bursch take over Rusty's car and it will always be Rusty's car. Ryan had not won a race for 2 years, so it was terrific that he won this race of all races. I hope this is the beginning of an exciting new year of racing. So it is off to California next weekend.

Work was slow today. I guess because of the holiday or because the first time in a year everyone showed up for work. No call offs. But tomorow will probably be back to normal for us wage slaves.

I spent the afternoon with M. He has Sundays and Mondays off. It was nice to actually see him and spend time together for a change.

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