Saturday, February 16, 2008

2008 Day Forty Eight

Woke up from a good night's sleep and I am feeling energized and more myself. It's amazing how sleep can do that.

This week's theme is FREE.

I love street musicians who share their music for free. I know they play for tips, and I always do tip if I have the money. But the freedom of sharing music and song is one of the best things in life. Does anyone else remember from the 60's getting together for Hootenannys? No money involved, no egos, just the love of singing and playing music. So with that in mind I want to share some photos of some street musicians.

Nobody stopped to hear him

Though he played so sweet and high

They knew he had never Been on their t.v.

So they passed his music by

I meant to go over and ask for a song

Maybe put on a harmony...

I heard his refrain As the signal changed

He was playing real good, for free

...Joni Mitchell "For Free"

We took the dogs including our folk's dog, Angel, do the Yuppie Puppy to have them bathed and trimmed. After dropping them off M and I stopped at Arby's and had a leisurely lunch where we talked about our week and what we hope to accomplish in the next coming week. I dropped him off at work and then cruised back home.

On the way to pick up the pups I stopped at Pool World and bought some shock for the hot tub with hopes that we can have a nice soak tonight when M comes home.

This afternoon I have a few chores to accomplish around home and some beading projects to work on.


ancient one said...

Good Post!! Enjoyed your take on the theme... I would have stopped to listen a while!!

Linda said...

And sometimes the free music is the BEST music!!

My free post is up at

Dianne said...

Freedom of musical expression-good one!

Alice Audrey said...

Music is like any gift - best when given freely.

**"Liza"** said...

great take for this week theme, love the awesome photos you have here.;) Have a great weekend!

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Utah Mommy said...

Oh that's a good one! i love to hear free music in my ears that is soothing and so inviting. Happy weekend!

Betty said...

Nice choice for this week's Photo Hunt. We used to have a blind man who sat on 5th Avenue in downtown Nashville and played an instrument (can't remember which one). Most people put some coins in his cup.

Dragonstar said...

Free music has got to be good!