Monday, February 25, 2008

2008 Day Fifty Seven

It was beyond busy today at work. The girl that sits in the desk right next to me got sick and went home. We had about 12 people off and another 5 on disability. It was crazy.
Driving home I glanced at my gas tank and sure enough I need gas. When I drove by the gas station I could not believe that I saw gas has gone up to $3.29 per gallon. Last week when I bought gas it was $2.98. Can we all say gouging? I wish I could buy an electric car and never have to buy gas again.

Not much else going on. Nothing on tv. I watched Dr Phil and saw the girl who only weighs 59 lbs. And then I watched Oprah because she had Valerie Bertenelli on about her new book. Isn't it amazing how most of our lives revolve around weight - bad and good.

It is going to be an early evening for me tonight. I am too tired too think. Tomorrow will be a better day.


dee said...

Thanks for stopping by...Love the kitties on your sidebar :)

Aprilwine said...

You just reminded me, I have Oprah TIVO'd because Valerie Bertinelli was going to be on. I love her.

Know what you mean about gas. I live in SoCal.