Wednesday, February 6, 2008

2008 Day Thirty Seven

I took my supervisor's advise and tried using the Secret's principals and by golly it worked. Maybe it was what I was projecting that I was receiving in return. From now I will try and project only kindness andsee if I get kindness in return. It sure worked today. Even taking my timewith each call my productivity was above average.

I have decided to create a Vision Board.

I watched the primary returns on tv last night. Hillary did surprisingly well. Obama did well to, especially in some states where I never expected him to, like Idaho for one. I got the invite that Obama is coming to Spokane. I'll pass and hope I get the invite when Hillary comes to town, if, she does. And if she does come to Spokane, can Bill please be there too?

After work I went to the library. I had books to return. I checked out some jewelry making books and a couple of cook books. I also check out an Al Franken book on cd. I've been listening to Making the Connection by Oprah and Bob Green. I'm enjoying listening to a book for a change instead of the radio. This afternoon I watched all the American Idol shows I had recorded. It's going to be a great season.

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Betty said...

As usual, beautiful pictures.

I watched the returns, too. Clinton took Tennessee, but Obama is giving her a heck of a race. I'm worried about who's going to be on the Democratic ticket. Not worried but very concerned.