Thursday, February 21, 2008

2008 Day Fifty Three

The state is cracking down on the company and now we must take at a least a 30 minute lunch. Bummer. I liked my 15 minute lunch. Now I will have to stay for 15 mins longer each day. Holly for some unknown reason bought us pizza today. It was a nice gesture, but makes me wonder what they have up their sleeve that they are buttering us up for.

After work I went by 3 places and paid bills and then to the bank to deposit a small check we got in the mail yesterday.

No big excitement going on around here today. I'm recording anything good that might come on tv and going to bed early! Two good things for today - they shot down the satellite that was falling towards earth and John McCain's skeletons are sneaking out of the closet. Can someone tell me why his wife's eyes look so wierd?


Aprilwine said...

Hi there! I found you through Mrs Grim.

"Can someone tell me why his wife's eyes look so wierd?"


Betty said...

Ha, ha, I had not noticed McCain's wife's eyes. Actually I have never seen a reall close up view of her, but I would like to. She is 17 years younger than him, but she probably has had plastic surgery. Sometimes that makes the eyes look weird.